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January 11, 2014
Charles Pavarini III
Fetch Club
Joel Crager - A Celebration
Pet Rox
Joel Caturla
Felicia Zwebner
Furry Friends

Canine Cancer Awareness

needs your help!

Sierra's Candle Lighting:

A tribute to my best friend

Charitable Links & Buy American
SNEAK PREVIEW: The Switzer Group presents...
Joel Crager - Audio Tributes

All images © 2010-2011 Dwight B. Tobin


Photography is different for everyone.  For me it can be a time machine,

a soapbox for my viewpoints, an emotional expression; but mostly fun!

What you see here is not only what is in front of the lens,

but hopefully an insight into the person behind the lens.

When creating an image, I always ask: "What feeling do I want

to convey, evoke or inspire in the viewer"?

Work currently appearing is event photography and

volunteer photo shoots I have done for animal welfare,

one of my main advocacies. Landscape and Nature

categories will be added in the near future.

And now.... (chuckling to myself) ... the mandatory

home page quotation, so that I appear to be a profound,

tormented, and serious artist:

"Life can only be understood looking backwards...."

- Soren Kirkegaard

I laugh at myself, so please join the fun, and enjoy your visit.

Comments are appreciated. E-mail and tell me what you think.